How to Do a Copper Makeup Look

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The copper look is an easy makeup look that you can achieve right at home. So, we already have the left side of our model’s face done, and we are going to do her right side. So, what we’re going to do is, start with her eyes, and we are going to apply a concealer as her base. Now, for her base, you can use either a concealer, an eye shadow primer, or a Paint Pot, whatever one that you’re choosing. Today, we’re going to use concealer. You want to apply it very close to the lash line, going all the way to where your eyeball stops. Next, you want to take a matte eye shadow, and we’re going to use this color. Using very light and gentle strokes, make sure you’re getting the color all the way to your lash line. After you’re done with the matte shadow, you want to apply a coppery-gold shimmery shadow. So, I’m going to use a combination of this and this color to create our copper look. You want to apply in the same area that you applied your base and your matte shadow, going all the way down to your lash line, stopping at the eyeball. After you’re done with that step, you want to use a darker brown color in your crease. So, I’m going to use this color, right here. Starting at the end of your eye, you want to go about half way in and up, always stopping where your eyeball stops. After that, you want to take a blending brush and blend it altogether, so you don’t have any harsh lines. After blending, you want to take a copper-bronze colored eyeliner and apply it to the top lashes, to the top lash line. You can make this line as thin or as thick as you want it, depending, all depending on what you like, what look you like going for. The key is, you want to make sure that it’s even and also, even to the other that you’ve done. After that is done, you want to wipe off any excess eye shadow fallout with concealer.

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