How to Grow Hip Length Hair

In this video, I will be sharing more about how to grow hip length hair using a historical, natural routine! This is how I grew my hair after a chin length hair cut, and having always struggled with hair growth previously. If you haven’t seen my first historical hair care video, be sure to watch it here:

This video is especially for those who will be implementing some form of this natural, historical hair care routine. This video will include:

* My tips for those with finer or straighter hair types who would like to implement this routine
*The natural conditioner I use
* The importance of a specific type of hair rinse
* Specific tips and cautions for clay washes and vinegar rinses to avoid common “starter” issues.
*The main historical hair care tool I think everyone should have in their arsenal,
* The one supplement (MSM) I think many people could benefit from for improved hair health and growth!

Enjoy the video!

*Please note: I was not sponsored to mention either the MSM I personally use, or Calia Natural conditioner.

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Who This Video is For
1:36 – Who I Am
2:08 – What This Video Will Include
3:56 – Vivaia Footwear
5:53 – Historical Hair Care Recap
7:49 – Hair Care Across the World
8:20 – Kinky Hair Community
10:22 – Aruyvedic Hair Community
11:14 – Hair Growth Vs. Length Retention
14:34 – Wet Detangling and Commercialism
16:13 – Sealing Hair Ends
19:16 – Boar Bristle Brushing
21:47 – Historical “Dry Shampoo?”
23:14 – Different Types of Boar Bristle Brushes
25:56 – Boar Bristle Brushing Demo (for thick curly hair)
29:14 – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinses
31:48 – Clay Wash Cautions
33:37 – Bentonite Clay?
34:24 – Colour-Treated Hair
35:02 – How I Do My ACV Rinse
35:24 – Proper Dilution for the ACV Rinse
36:36 – The Dreaded “Transition Period”
39:10 – What Natural Conditioner Do I Use?
41:02 – Tips for Finer, Straighter Hair Types
46:15 – To Trim or Not to Trim?
49:41 – If You Only Take One Supplement . . .
52:45 – My Organic Sulphur Story
55:47 – How to Take MSM (a brief intro)
56:53 – Conclusion
58:18 – Exciting Channel Announcement!

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My sister Ellie’s stunning rendition of “Moon River” by Audrey Hepburn (she’s only 14!)

Thank you to Lina at for compiling so many historical hair care manuals!

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