Jennifer Aniston Has Never Forgotten This 1 Piece of Beauty

Jennifer Aniston Has Never Forgotten This 1 Piece of Beauty Advice From Her Mom. Celebrity

The 53-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s greatest beauty and health inspirations since the TV series “Friends” appeared in 1994.

Millions of women in America have cut their hair “like Rachel.” And now the Emmy winner often shares her beauty secrets in interviews. This is not just advice like “think positive, and you’ll always look 25.

Jennifer honestly says: to stay in good shape over the years is more and more difficult, it is real work, which includes sports, proper nutrition and care, and beauticians. Every day the actress devotes herself to working out and jogging, almost every day she does yoga.

But besides this, there are five other rules, which the star of the TV series “Friends” does not change for many years. And she assures her that they help her to stay young in body and soul.


One of Aniston’s daily habits that you can easily do at home is morning meditation. And the actress also keeps a diary and gets frustrated if she doesn’t manage to write something down in it during the day. “And then there’s my coffee.

It’s a ritual: coffee, meditation, or vice versa.” Time with my dogs in the morning – Clyde, Sophie, and the recently rescued Lord Chesterfield – also helps prepare for a perfect day. Walking them and feeding them is my typical morning.”


Throughout her morning ritual, Aniston adheres to one steadfast rule: “No phones, no emails, no text messages, and no social media.

Don’t look at any of these things for an hour and a half. I highly recommend trying to do this for at least a week, you won’t believe the life change you’ll see.”
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