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Download Poshmark: Shop My Closet @GEORGEPOULOS Buy or Sell Fashion (BONUS: Get $5 with my referral code: georgepoulos) // Skateboarding vlog & skate session at the Ponderosa Skatepark in Bend, Oregon where I focus on ledge tricks like back tails, back smiths & other progression. I talk about the universal law of skateboarding style (look good, feel good, skate good) and I go over MY typical skate outfit from the bottom up (skate shoes, socks, pants, belt, shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, headgear). My skate fashion is fairly simplistic and straightforward. Over the years, I have developed a simplistic skate style / outfits for myself that I feel good in (helmet included!). Finding a skate style that works for you makes tension ease away, confidence on the board increase, and overall you just feel yourself and have a great time. I hope you pick up some practical skate fashion tips from this video, but more importantly I hope this video encourages you to experiment with your style until you find a fit that makes you feel good, and more importantly to be yourself & express yourself in a way that is true to YOU, because that will make you feel good as f*ck on your skateboard. I also skate in the Vans Chima 2 in all black for the first time and tie these to the discussion on skate style / confidence!

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I’m a 22 year old youtuber, skateboarder, and clothing brand owner currently living in NYC. I went to wesleyan university ‘19! You can get to know me quite well by watching my videos, scrolling through my Instagram/Twitter, or browsing my personal website/blog!

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